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Moon Hunters Mac Game Free Download

by Mishal Chan

Moon Hunters MacOSX Free Download-HI2U

Moon Hunters free download

Mac video game Moon Hunters This uniquely created game for 1 to 4 players is situated in a vast, ancient cosmos and will be different each time you play. Create your own mythology because every action and decision you make affects how you will remember things. Play the short story from several perspectives to discover the new and unexplored aspects of the characters. Test each of the four player and six player classes’ hometowns as well, as each has unique skills and sporadic updates. In order to locate the missing Goddess of the Moon in the game, you will need to travel the globe with your fellow hunters. It will be the best method for you to make a living legend of your achievements. Do you know how you want to be remembered by the future generations of your hometown?

  • Familiars: To assist you on your journey, find a variety of animal friends.
  • Bring back the old heroes: Test their might against the new ultimate boss or unending arena in honor of your fallen heroes.
  • Varying each time: There is always something new to discover because to the randomly created globe, adventure levels, and variety of upgrades offered by each vendor.
  • Local or online co-ops: Playing by yourself is wonderful, but for the toughest difficulties, work together with others!
    fantastic for parties Because each game takes less than an hour, players can participate in a single session.


There are seven different character classes that give various game play options:

  • Sun High damage from the cultist, but friendly fire
  • Songweaver: assistance through the inventive application of melodies
  • Witch: a blood beam and powerful thrusts keep the opposition at bay.
  • Dual-stick shooting with ritualistic opponent manipulation
  • High mobility and freezing damage from a snowdancer
  • Druid: taking on the guise of a wolf
  • Spellblade: rapid melee attacks while dodging and weaving

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GamePlay ScreenShots:

System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements

Your device must meet all minimum requirements to open this game

  • OS: OS X Lion 10.8.5
  • Processor: Dual Core CPU
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: OpenGL 3.0 compliant with 1Gb of video RAM. 1024 x 768 or larger resolution
  • Storage: 2 GB available space

Installation instructions:

If you do not know how to install the game on your mac, CLICK HERE NOW.

Moon Hunters MAC Game Free Download

 Files size: 529 MB

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