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Dishonored Mac Game Free Download

by Scarlet Blue

Dishonored MacOSX Free Download

Dishonored Free Download

Dishonored, a first-person action game for the Mac, is totally immersive. You assume the character of a paranormal killer driven by revenge. With the flexible fighting system in the Dishonored Mac Game, you can eliminate your targets by combining your paranormal abilities, gadgets, and weapons. As you pursue them, hiding in the shadows, draw your weapons and unleash terrible blows on your enemies. Each mission’s outcome depends on your choices.

In Dunwall, an industrial metropolis where secret technology with a steampunk influence coexists in the shadows with supernatural powers, the Dishonored Game for Mac is set. You used to be the beloved Empress’s dependable bodyguard, but after being accused of killing her, you’ve evolved into a well-known assassin. The only thing that makes you identifiable is the creepy mask that has since replaced your business card and conceals your face.

In these uncertain times, where the city is plague-infested and a corrupt government is in power thanks to industrial breakthroughs, dark powers band together and scheme to give you abilities that are unknown to the normal person. But what was the cost? The truth of your betrayal is as murky as the rivers that encircle the city, and the life you once cherished is lost and unrecoverable.

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Dishonored Mac Game Free Download

File Size: 6.1 GB

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