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Civilization VI Khmer & Indonesia Civilization and Scenario Pack Free Download

by Mishal Chan

Civilization VI – Khmer & Indonesia Civilization and Scenario Pack MacOSX Free Download

Civilization VI - Khmer and Indonesia Civilization & Scenario Pack free mac

In the Mac game Civilization VI – Khmer & Indonesia Civilization and Scenario Pack, experience the leadership of Jayavarman VII for Khmer and Dyah Gitarja for Indonesia in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI! Both civilizations possess distinct and adaptable qualities, introducing fresh challenges to this strategic game with a religious focus. Indonesia stands out as a formidable coastal civilization, renowned for its capability to build a formidable navy powered by jongs. On the other hand, Khmer excels in establishing thriving cities along the well-regarded riversides.

Includes the Khmer civilization with Jayavarman VII, the Domrey unique unit, and the Prasat unique improvement.

  • Unique Building: The Prasat replaces the Temple and provides a Relic Great Work slot. Missionaries that are produced here gain a new attribute when killed in religious combat: they generate a Relic.
  • Civ Unique Ability: The “Grand Barays” ability gives Khmer additional food when Farms are built next to Aqueducts, and Aqueducts provide both Faith and an Amenity.
  • Unique Unit: The Domrey, a ballista mounted on an elephant, is stronger than a Catapult, can move and shoot on the same turn, and exerts Zone of Control.
  • Leader Unique Ability: Jayavarman’s “Monasteries of the King” ability lets Khmer grab adjacent territory as well as Food and Housing when Holy Sites are built on a river.

Also includes the Indonesian civilization with Dyah Gitarja, the Jong unique unit, and the Kampung unique improvement:

  • Unique Improvement: The Kampung provides Housing, Production and Food for each adjacent Fishing Boat, and can be improved through further tech research later in the game.
  • Unique Unit: Indonesia’s unique unit is the Jong, which replaces the Frigate. It is faster, gains extra combat power if it’s in a formation, and all of the units in its formation gain its movement speed.
  • Civ Unique Ability: With the “Great Nusantara” ability, Coastal Tiles provide Indonesia with minor adjacency bonuses for certain districts and Entertainment Complexes give an extra Amenity if they are adjacent to a non-lake Coastal Tile.
  • Leader Unique Ability: Gitarja has the “Exalted Goddess of the Three Worlds” ability, granting bonus Faith to coastal cities and allowing her to purchase Naval units with Faith at a discount, as well as eliminating movement cost for Religious unit to embark or disembark.

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Civilization VI – Khmer & Indonesia Civilization and Scenario Pack MAC Game Free Download

File Size: 6.19 GB

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