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State of Mind MAC Game Free Download

by Scarlet Blue

State of Mind Game MacOSX Free Download – GOG

State of Mind Free Download

What of humanity will remain when mind and machine merge into one?

State of Mind Mac Game takes place in Berlin in 2048. We are approaching the end of the world. Rising crime rates coupled with a lack of resources for basic necessities, air and water pollution-related illnesses worldwide, and a war that clearly destroys everything in its path are the first three issues. Companies and governments working to give people optimism that advancements in technology will lead to the discovery of solutions. Everywhere surveillance as public sector workers are replaced by robotics and drones, making everything more interconnected.

Journalist Richard Nolan is one of the few who publicly criticizes this development. Richard realizes that he and his family have become more than passive observers of a storm sparked by conflicting ideologies that have left humanity hanging between a dystopian future and a digital utopia when he awakens in a hospital following an explosion and discovers that his wife and son are missing. Rather, they have found themselves at the center of every dispute.

The State of Mind drama on a domestic level The development of MAC Game into a complete thriller predicated on a global conspiracy will determine humanity’s fate.

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GamePlay ScreenShots:

System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements

  • OS: 10.12, 10.13.
  • Processor: 3 GHz Quad Core CPU
  • Graphics: Radeon R9 M380 or similar, at least 2GB of VRAM
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Storage: 23 GB available space

Recommended Requirements

  • OS: 10.12., 10.13.
  • Processor: 3 Ghz Quad Core CPU
  • Graphics: Radeon Pro 580 or similar, at least 4 GB of VRAM
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Storage: 23 GB available space

Installation instructions:

If you do not know how to install the game on your mac, CLICK HERE NOW.

State of Mind MAC Game Free Download

File Size: 8.66 GB

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