In Other Waters, you take on the role of an artificial intelligence guiding a stranded xenobiologist through a vast and enigmatic ocean teeming with alien life forms. This is a narrative-driven science fiction adventure, devoid of violence, immersing you in a world of wonder, trepidation, and vulnerability as you uncover the history and ecology of an extraordinary planet. Together, what mysteries will you unravel?

  • EXPLORE AN UNCHARTED OCEAN: Delve freely into expansive seabeds, from shimmering reefs to the murky depths of ink. Unlock upgrades and make discoveries that enable you to venture into uncharted territories, encountering bizarre creatures and environments simultaneously.
  • VIEW THE WORLD THROUGH AN AI PERSPECTIVE: Navigate a sleek and intuitive user interface using touch or mouse controls. Interpret signals, label landmarks, and map out the ocean through experimentation and intuition.
  • EMBRACE THE ROLE OF XENOBIOLOGIST: Identify and document species through observation, scanning, sampling, and interaction with extraterrestrial life. Explore Ellery’s notes, examine her sketches, and assist in classifying an entirely new ecosystem.
  • STRATEGIZE YOUR DIVES: Analyze creatures, unearth secrets, or chart new territories; then return to your base laboratory to study samples, engage in conversations with Ellery, or peruse her diaries for deeper insights into this world.
  • CULTIVATE A MEANINGFUL CONNECTION: Through limited communication, uncover more about the individual you inhabit and aid them in uncovering a profound truth. The shared experiences will forge a stronger bond between you.

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