In Other Waters [1.0.0]  is the game where you will play as artificial intelligence that guides a stranded xenobiologist through a massive but mysterious ocean consists of aliens. This is a non-violent science fiction story where you will enter a world of wonder, fear and vulnerability, revealing the history and ecology of an impossible planet. What will you discover together? EXPLORE A FOREIGN OCEAN: Dive freely into a large section of the seabed, sparkling reefs with ink depths. Unlock updates and discoveries that allow you to break new ground, discovering strange creatures and environments at the same time.

  • SEE THE WORLD THROUGH AN AI LENS – Navigate an elegant and intuitive user interface via touch or mouse controls. Interpret the signs, define the titles and map the ocean through experimentation and intuition.
  • BECOME XENOBIOLOGIST – Discover and catalogue species by observation, scanning, sampling and interaction with extraterrestrial life. Read Ellery’s notes, look at her sketches, and help her classify a whole new ecosystem.
  • PLAN YOUR DIVES:  Study the creatures, investigate secrets or you may want to dive into new areas, then return to your laboratory (base) to study samples, chit chat with Ellery or read her diaries to learn more on this world.
  • BUILD A LASTING RELATIONSHIP: Through limited communication, learn more about the person you are wearing the costume in and help them discover a terrible truth. What you live together will bring you closer.